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My interests include internal medicine, nephrology/kidney medicine, hypertension, medical database systems, and how health consumers can best evaluate the usefulness and truth of medical information found on the internet. I also enjoy soccer and am a developer of Filemaker database solutions.

Our Book: "Making Informed Medical Decisions"

Our Book

Making Informed Medical Decisions by Nancy Oster, Lucy Thomas, and Darol Joseff MD, is now available! As seen/reviewed on Amazon.com, The New York Times, American Medical News, Ladies Home Journal, and the Library Journal. Written for all of us who may receive news from our physician we would rather not hear, and provides direction in understanding and processing medical information. We're very proud of it, the result of more than two years of research. Our readers give us lots of well-appreciated support, and it's a deal. Please read the reviews. Available at medical libraries, local bookstores and on-line. Amazon.